About Sharon

Coach Sharon, CEO Founder of Eat Healthy Live Strong, Certified Health CoachCoach Sharon is the founder of Eat Healthy Live Strong and is a WildFit Certified Coach, who specializes in a nutritional based program combined with behavioral change psychology, designed to give lasting results. Coach Sharon possesses a unique ability to connect, understand, and show empathy towards her clients’ health needs (and day-to-day challenges).  She teaches her clients how to live a long and healthy life. She also helps her clients with weight loss, blood sugar issues, and those suffering from a lack of energy and sleep. The many benefits of working with Coach Sharon are clarity, guidance, step-by-step coaching, accountability, and encouragement.

Sharon did WildFit several years ago and had great results.  So much so that she decided she wanted to become a coach for WildFit.  She saw that with this knowledge she could help many people in her community and around the world including her own family members struggling with diabetes and weight issues to name a few.  And with the tools you learn, you get to live a healthy lifestyle wherever you are in the world.  Looking forward to helping more and more people every day.  

Sharon believes that every human has the right to live healthy and strong.  We have one body in this world and we should love it and treat it the best.